A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that injuries to the chest and head were the deadliest and the most common ones threatening the lives of the bike riders. It was also found out in the study the more than 75% of the motorcyclists involved in the accidents did not have the right protective gear on while riding their bikes.
If you are a bike owner and do not want to be included in those statistics, you need to make sure that you are fully protected before you take your ride to a long route. Following are the two most crucial things you need to put on to make sure you come home safely from your road trip.

  1. Head Protection

    Our head is the most sensitive part of our body, as it contains the brain, which controls all the body functions. All the nerves from the brain pass through the neck to carry the signals to the whole body. Latest statistics reveal that head injuries are the leading cause of death in a motorbike accident. A helmet can provide your head the desired cushion in case you are involved in a road side accident riding your bike. It can protect you from the risk of being disabled or even from death.
    Like your motorbike, modern helmets have also undergone various changes and now they are more comfortable to wear and provide better protection not only to your head but also to your eyes and ear. These helmets can drastically reduce the air noise, protect you from extreme weather conditions and from various flying object.

  2. Sunglasses

    Sunglasses for Bike RidersBesides a motorbike helmet, you also need to put on good a quality sunglass to provide maximum protection to your eyes. Whether you own a touring bike, a racing bike or a chopper, you need to put on your sunglasses before you go cruising. Besides protecting your eyes from direct sun light which can hinder in your way, the sunglasses also protect your eyes from the dust, rain, debris, insects and any other flying object that comes your way. This way you do not lose your concentration while riding your bike. Besides providing you maximum protection while driving your motorbike, sunglasses also make you look stylish.

Next time you go travelling and take your bike out for a ride, make sure to put on your helmet and sunglasses to drastically reduce the chances of an accident.

Source information:
Sunglass Picks
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Luggage TipsJust because it’s a carry on suitcase doesn’t mean it has to be tiny. You can have a large suitcase that you can carry on for your extended trip. A tiny case might not be able to store all the essentials for your travel.

Regardless of where you’ll be traveling or sleeping, it’s imperative that you pick a carry on suitcase that won’t cause trouble when you’re boarding the plane.

Are all carry-on bags the same?

Unfortunately, they’re not. One is made of secure materials while another bag is made of different materials. This is to fit the carrier’s personal choice.

What size should you pick?

It must be a size that’s within the guidelines of airline companies. Although all companies have different polices regarding carry on suitcase, you can still pick a size with a maximum dimension of 22x14x9 inches. This is your safest bet so you can check it in on any airline.

However, if you’re traveling for weeks or months, a carry on suitcase might not be enough to store all of your clothes. Thus, you should also consider purchasing a bigger big that you can check in. Or choose to purchase 2 carry-on bags.

Is the brand name of the bag important?

Fortunately, it’s not. However, brand names like Samsonite offer extensive warranties than unknown brands. So, if this factor is important to you, then consider getting a carry on suitcase from a well-known brand. There are plenty of them on the market. But make sure that the one you choose meets your requirements.

  • Posted on 1. January 2015
  • Written by Grace
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Kitchen FaucetA kitchen faucet is the most used fixture in the kitchen, and this has nothing to do with style or design. This fixture is turned on and off by you and other members of the family so many times in a day, so it’s important that you choose a faucet that’s durable enough to handle the hundreds of times you turn it on and off.

In addition to its uses, a faucet also plays a huge role in the aesthetics of the entire kitchen and not just the sink. With that being said, you need to have a faucet that matches the design of your kitchen.


As soon as you shop for it, you’ll realize the options are too many it can overwhelm you, especially if it’s your first-time to buy one. The prices also vary, from one style to another. The more complex the unit is the more expensive it is.

The materials and finishes of the kitchen faucet can make a difference to your kitchen. When choosing a new unit, you can opt for brass. However, this type of faucet has lead that may leach causing health risk. To be safe, choose a faucet that’s only made with 8% lead in brass.

To save from cleaning and polishing, you should consider getting a high-gloss brash finish. In that way, you won’t be cleaning/polishing it twice a month. Some chrome faucets are plated with nickel. Others are just left uncoated.


A two-handle faucet is available at less than $50. It can regulate temperature in a more effective way. This is great if you don’t want to use a faucet that’s very difficult to adjust the temperature.

You can also go for a single-handle faucet that comes with a pullout spout (more expensive than an ordinary spout though). Most single-handle kitchen faucets with pullout design.

When it comes to the finish of the faucet, you can have PVD finish, which is more expensive than a usual plated finish. It’s scratch-resistant and it won’t tarnish the film.


If you don’t want to purchase bottled water, you can go for a kitchen faucet with water filtration system. It can cost more than a regular faucet, however, it can provide you with purified water. If your budget is higher, you can choose to use electronic faucet that comes with an infrared sensor. Although it’s more expensive, it can help you save on water. You also don’t have to clean its handles each time you use it.

More information at Faucet Assistant

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Air Mattress
Can you disinfect an air mattress? I mean you wash your sheets each week, you flip the mattress every month so it can last longer, but is it possible to disinfect it? Well, since it’s an inflatable bed, you can deflate it and wash it using the recommended cleaning solution.

However, if you don’t like deflating it, you can put it outside your house when it’s sunny and not too humid. It’ll help the mattress dry while you spray some recommended solution. But because sunlight has a natural disinfectant, it can already kill bacteria without applying a disinfectant. A good amount of UV rays can somehow eradicate them.

Remove dust

If it’s not possible for you to get it outside the house because of the weather, you can lean it against the wall and start removing as much dust as you can eliminate. Or you may use your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that it has an upholstery attachment to avoid damaging the bed.

You can eliminate bad odors by sprinkling baking soda solution to freshen it up. To effectively clean bacteria, you will not use a certain disinfectant solution.

But don’t use bleach, it has ingredients that can be harmful to the materials of the air mattress. If possible, use organic disinfectants. Make sure that when you use a rag to clean the surface, the rag is barely damp.

You have to give it time to dry, like a few hours on every side can do the trick.
After cleaning it, you can add fresh mattress pad, sheets and bedding. Or you can deflate it and store it in its proper box.

If you’re not sure how to clean your air mattress, you may consult its manufacturer’s website or try at Sleep on Air. Pretty sure, there’s concrete information there that can give you ideas on how to properly disinfect your bed without destroying its materials.

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A carpet cleaner is essential when your carpets need some deep cleaning. When it comes to cleaning options, there are plenty that you can find. You can opt to rent a machine or hire a pro to do the job for you, but even though paying a professional to clean your carpets can offer ease and confidence, purchasing a machine can help you save a significant amount of money in the long run.

But what cleaning machine should you buy?

Look into its motor

For deep cleaning, it’s better to go for a product that has powerful motor. A full-sized machine can do a better job, especially in removing deep dirt. Although makers of a carpet cleaner recommend the use of their cleaning solutions, you can make your own solution that’s made of natural products. In this way, you can avoid using solutions with harmful chemicals in them.

Carpet CleanerChoose the right features

Don’t go for a product that comes with advanced features that you may not need. Instead, focus on functionalities that you need every time you use the machine. It’s best to have a carpet cleaner that comes with a separate tank to make refilling a lot quicker. Keep in mind that you’ll need to refill water often, thus, smaller tanks require frequent refills.

Then, look for a model with a weight that you can easily carry, this is important if you need to use the carpet cleaner upstairs. And choose a model that has attachments that let you clean stairs and upholstery to make deep cleaning a lot easier to do.

More information: Steam Insider

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A security camera has a lot of uses, it can be utilized to monitor your baby or act as a spy when you’re not around. You can also use it to record planes or trains for your projects.

What are its parts?

Typically, a spy camera includes lens holder, video lens, video receiver and an image sensor chip.

Amanda from Home Security View told us about the things to look out for when purchasing a surveillance camera.

  1. Color.
    Opt for a unit that can produce colored images and videos.
  2. Audio.
    These days, this feature is a must as it allows you to monitor audio. This is especially useful if you are monitoring your baby as you can hear him/her each time he/she cries.
  3. Range.
    Go for a unit with higher frequency to make sure that the quality of the image is clear and its connection is stable. Don’t choose a 900-mhz camera as it’s more prone to interferences, thereby, disrupting the image quality.
  4. Quality of video.
    You should go for a video display higher than 300 lines.
  5. Receiver.
    More advanced units have USB connection that let you view the camera remotely. You should also choose a security camera with motion detection software to facilitate your surveillance project.

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Is your house too cold or hot? It could be the fault of your thermostat.
Fortunately, troubleshooting this unit is just easy. When you’ve properly identified the problem, you can easily fix it. Finding the problem will also help you decide whether or not you need a professional to fix it for you.

Listed below are some of the common problems that might affect the performance of your thermostat unit.

1. Dirty

a ThermostatMost of the time, a troubled thermostat can be caused by accumulated dirt and dust. Thus, it only needs cleaning to make it functional again.

If cleaning is the best solution, you should remove the unit’s cover and brush the inside with a soft brush. Slip a clean piece of paper between the contacts and move it back and forth to clean them.

2. Bad location

A thermostat may malfunction if you installed it in a bad location, like a lamp, on top of your TV or near a heat source. When the unit’s in bad location, it’ll send wrong commands to your home conditioner or furnace.

3. Batteries

You may need to replace old to new batteries, especially if your unit is an electronic model. Once you see the lower-light flashing, you must insert new batteries and remove the old ones.

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A wine cooler can preserve the taste of wine, so this is more than just a mini-fridge. It’s made to perform specific function as wine requires special care for maximum enjoyment. With such an appliance, you can have a properly chilled wine each time you want to drink a glass of grape-based beverage.a Wine Cooler

What to look for in a wine cooler

The features that you need will depend on your needs and your growing wine collection.

  1. Design
    You don’t need a unit with the most advanced features. But you do need a wine cooler that’s attractive and elegant. However, you must make sure that an attractive cooler can run quietly and efficiently.
  2. Capacity
    You may have 5 bottled of wines today. But, pretty sure, this number will grow in the future. Thus, you must consider getting a cooler that has enough capacity to accommodate your expansion plans. Make sure that you opt for a unit that can handle the size of the bottles and the quantity of your collection.
  3. Functions
    Look for a wine cooler with digital or manual temperature control.

Since this appliance is an investment, you will want to have a cooler from a company that offers great customer support. That means that its customer service is responsive. Make sure that the company is willing to replace the unit if it’s defective or damaged without difficulties.

If you’re a true wine drinker, it may be time for you to think about the benefits of having a wine cooler. Once you’re ready, study those things mentioned above to help you get started.

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