Kitchen FaucetA kitchen faucet is the most used fixture in the kitchen, and this has nothing to do with style or design. This fixture is turned on and off by you and other members of the family so many times in a day, so it’s important that you choose a faucet that’s durable enough to handle the hundreds of times you turn it on and off.

In addition to its uses, a faucet also plays a huge role in the aesthetics of the entire kitchen and not just the sink. With that being said, you need to have a faucet that matches the design of your kitchen.


As soon as you shop for it, you’ll realize the options are too many it can overwhelm you, especially if it’s your first-time to buy one. The prices also vary, from one style to another. The more complex the unit is the more expensive it is.

The materials and finishes of the kitchen faucet can make a difference to your kitchen. When choosing a new unit, you can opt for brass. However, this type of faucet has lead that may leach causing health risk. To be safe, choose a faucet that’s only made with 8% lead in brass.

To save from cleaning and polishing, you should consider getting a high-gloss brash finish. In that way, you won’t be cleaning/polishing it twice a month. Some chrome faucets are plated with nickel. Others are just left uncoated.


A two-handle faucet is available at less than $50. It can regulate temperature in a more effective way. This is great if you don’t want to use a faucet that’s very difficult to adjust the temperature.

You can also go for a single-handle faucet that comes with a pullout spout (more expensive than an ordinary spout though). Most single-handle kitchen faucets with pullout design.

When it comes to the finish of the faucet, you can have PVD finish, which is more expensive than a usual plated finish. It’s scratch-resistant and it won’t tarnish the film.


If you don’t want to purchase bottled water, you can go for a kitchen faucet with water filtration system. It can cost more than a regular faucet, however, it can provide you with purified water. If your budget is higher, you can choose to use electronic faucet that comes with an infrared sensor. Although it’s more expensive, it can help you save on water. You also don’t have to clean its handles each time you use it.

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