Luggage TipsJust because it’s a carry on suitcase doesn’t mean it has to be tiny. You can have a large suitcase that you can carry on for your extended trip. A tiny case might not be able to store all the essentials for your travel.

Regardless of where you’ll be traveling or sleeping, it’s imperative that you pick a carry on suitcase that won’t cause trouble when you’re boarding the plane.

Are all carry-on bags the same?

Unfortunately, they’re not. One is made of secure materials while another bag is made of different materials. This is to fit the carrier’s personal choice.

What size should you pick?

It must be a size that’s within the guidelines of airline companies. Although all companies have different polices regarding carry on suitcase, you can still pick a size with a maximum dimension of 22x14x9 inches. This is your safest bet so you can check it in on any airline.

However, if you’re traveling for weeks or months, a carry on suitcase might not be enough to store all of your clothes. Thus, you should also consider purchasing a bigger big that you can check in. Or choose to purchase 2 carry-on bags.

Is the brand name of the bag important?

Fortunately, it’s not. However, brand names like Samsonite offer extensive warranties than unknown brands. So, if this factor is important to you, then consider getting a carry on suitcase from a well-known brand. There are plenty of them on the market. But make sure that the one you choose meets your requirements.

  • Posted on 1. January 2015
  • Written by Grace
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