Is your house too cold or hot? It could be the fault of your thermostat.
Fortunately, troubleshooting this unit is just easy. When you’ve properly identified the problem, you can easily fix it. Finding the problem will also help you decide whether or not you need a professional to fix it for you.

Listed below are some of the common problems that might affect the performance of your thermostat unit.

1. Dirty

a ThermostatMost of the time, a troubled thermostat can be caused by accumulated dirt and dust. Thus, it only needs cleaning to make it functional again.

If cleaning is the best solution, you should remove the unit’s cover and brush the inside with a soft brush. Slip a clean piece of paper between the contacts and move it back and forth to clean them.

2. Bad location

A thermostat may malfunction if you installed it in a bad location, like a lamp, on top of your TV or near a heat source. When the unit’s in bad location, it’ll send wrong commands to your home conditioner or furnace.

3. Batteries

You may need to replace old to new batteries, especially if your unit is an electronic model. Once you see the lower-light flashing, you must insert new batteries and remove the old ones.

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