A security camera has a lot of uses, it can be utilized to monitor your baby or act as a spy when you’re not around. You can also use it to record planes or trains for your projects.

What are its parts?

Typically, a spy camera includes lens holder, video lens, video receiver and an image sensor chip.

Amanda from Home Security View told us about the things to look out for when purchasing a surveillance camera.

  1. Color.
    Opt for a unit that can produce colored images and videos.
  2. Audio.
    These days, this feature is a must as it allows you to monitor audio. This is especially useful if you are monitoring your baby as you can hear him/her each time he/she cries.
  3. Range.
    Go for a unit with higher frequency to make sure that the quality of the image is clear and its connection is stable. Don’t choose a 900-mhz camera as it’s more prone to interferences, thereby, disrupting the image quality.
  4. Quality of video.
    You should go for a video display higher than 300 lines.
  5. Receiver.
    More advanced units have USB connection that let you view the camera remotely. You should also choose a security camera with motion detection software to facilitate your surveillance project.

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